Healing Services.

Learn for your wisdom. Heal for your soul.

Your spiritual journey starts with you. Taking time for yourself is essential in today's modern world. There are many distractions and stressors that we are forced to live with in this material world. You are a soul living a human experience and you need to nurture the beautiful energy that you are. Mind, Body and Soul.

Distance Reiki Healing People & Pets

Reiki can be used towards every living being. This universal life force energy can help you heal your body, mind and soul. It can help for pain, anxiety, stress and much more.

Chakra Cleansing & Clearing

Chakras are wheels of brillant spiritual energy. If these wheels in your energy become blocked or stagnant they can be the cause of physical ailments in the body. Clearing these blocks in your chakras is essential to restoring your energy body back to full health.

Meditation & Mudras

Meditation is a state of being aware, while learning to keep your mind calm. Meditation can help reduce stress and improve your mood as well as mudras, an ancient meditation technique that can be used to help you access specific levels of consciousness. I can teach you how to start with meditation. Calming your mind is a freeing act for yourself.

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